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The Reaction by Viora now available in the US!

The first and only multi-frequency RF device that is FDA cleared, the Reaction by Viora optimizes the thermal effect at different tissue depths and improves treatment accuracy. Every provider has been waiting for the machine that could do it all – and now it seems Viora may be the one to do it. With the introduction of the Reaction RF, Viora may just corner the cellulite reduction and skin tightening market with its ease of use and its capability to treat a multitude of skin concerns.

The Reaction by Viora is one machine with three treatment applicators that combine RF laser with vacuum manipulation to reduce fat deposits and tighten skin. Easy to operate, each applicator has an RF Level and Vacuum Level button to adjust to higher or lower levels as needed, dependent on treatment. All edges of each applicator make a seal with the skin to ensure vacuum is effective and RF electrodes are fully coupled to the skin, no matter the treatment. 

Cellulite Treatments

Circumferntial Reduction

Facial Contouring

Skin Tightening

CORE Technology

CORE Technology has three distinct RF frequencies with a 4th dimension that uses all three RF frequencies.

  • Mode 1: RF frequency at 0.80 MHZ – Deep Treatment
  • Mode 2: RF frequency at 1.70 MHZ – Mid-Layer Treatment
  • Mode 3: RF frequency at 2.45 MHZ – Superficial Treatment
  • Mode 4: Multi-layer RF frequency combining all three above modes
Reaching the Different Depths of Skin


Areas That Can Be Treated

While The Reaction by Viora is not limited to these areas – here are specific areas where the Reaction by Viora can make the most difference.

  • B-Contour: Cellulite reduction in large areas such as: Thighs, Buttocks, Arms, Abdomen

  • F-Contour: Cellulite reduction in localized fatty deposits in small and sensitive areas such as: Chin, Neck, Inner Thighs, Underarms

  • Skin Tightening: Face and Body

The Reaction by Viora offers three treatment applications – allowing for a multitude of procedures that can be performed non-invasively and comfortably for the patient. Each applicator can target specific tissue depths with a fourth option, which combines all three of the other frequencies. User friendly, the Reaction by Viora is easy to operate and will define the future of body contouring. 

Cellulite Treatment - Before and After

While cellulite cannot be cured, the appearance of cellulite can be dramatically improved with The Reaction by Viora. After 6 treatments at 35 minutes each, there is a dramatic improvement in lax skin and a reduction of cellulite appearance. In addition, there is visible improvement in skin texture.

  • Case Study: Female, 49 years old

  • Skin Condition: Cellulite Grade 2 and Sagging Skin

Circumferential Reduction - Abdomen: Before and After

Sometimes, 100 crunches a day will never match the results of Reaction by Viora. After 8 treatment sessions at 20 minutes each, results showed circumferential reduction and the waist’s curve is more apparent.

  • Case Study: Female, 32 years old

  • Skin Condition: Hardly Visible Waist

Circumferential Reduction - Arms: Before and After

It is the bane of a woman's existence when sleeveless season comes around – the arm droop. The Reaction by Viora reduces the circumference of the arm to show a more defined under arm with less sagging. After 3 treatment sessions at 20 minutes each, the following results were recorded:

Left arm: circumferential reduction of 2.0 cm 
Right arm: circumferential reduction of 2.5 cm 
Improvement in skin texture and reduction of cellulite appearance

  • Case Study: Female, 50 years old

  • Skin Condition: Bulky and Sagging Skin Under the Arm

Facial Contouring: Before and After

Facial wrinkles can often age a person prematurely. The Reaction by Viora addresses the wrinkles while contouring the face for a more defined look. After one treatment, dramatic reduction in the appearance of the nasolabial folds is noticeable. The After photo was taken following two treatments.

  • Case Study: Female, 26 years old

  • Skin Condition: Lack of contours in the nasal area and around the mouth

Skin Tightening: Before and After

More often than not, skin tightening is performed on the face and the neck and jowl areas are neglected. The Reaction by Viora offers and easy solution to both: after three treatments (4 week intervals, 20 minutes per session) there is noticeable improvement in the lax and sagging skin on the jowl and neck areas.

  • Case Study: Female, 59 years old

  • Skin Condition: Sagging skin in the jowl and neck area


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