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permanent makeup

Get out of bed and have defined lips and striking eyes. This may sound like a dream, but it could be a reality with permanent makeup. Permanent cosmetics, also known as micropigment or intradermal implantation, is the process of implanting micro-insertions of color pigment into the skin. We use the most advanced method which is a gentle way of applying the permanent cosmetics, resulting in little or no pain at all. This method is safe and sanitary, and provides a beautiful, natural look. All of our materials are sterile and disposable, and the procedure is painless thanks to recent advances in the world of permanent make-up.

Harmonix Permanent Makeup Machine
harmonix Permanent Makeup Machine

The Harmonix Micropigmentation System is the most advanced state-of-the-art permanent makeup equipment available. The applicator is concealed in a disposable cartridge. This cartridge is enclosed in a membrane which protects the hand piece from contamination. Harmonix makes the only machine with features like this to guarantee the highest level of hygienic safety. The applicator cartridge is wobbling free, thus eliminating any vibration of the machine to minimize client discomfort.


Permenat brows and eye liner before 01 Permenat brows and eye liner after 01
Before and After Permanent Brows and Eye Liner
Permenat brows and eye liner before 02 Permenat brows and eye liner after 02

Permanent Makeup Information frequently asked questions FAQ

How long does each procedure take?
Each procedure takes around 1-2 hours.

What is the recovery time for permanent makeup services?
The recovery time is usually 3 - 5 days. During those 3 - 5 days you may notice a color change which is completely normal. The first few days the color will be a shade or two darker. After the flaking process color will soften, look flawless and natural.

How long before you are able to go swimming or cleanse your face normally?
You will be able to wash your face with a mild cleanser the day after. Make sure the area is protected with Vaseline before and after cleanse. We ask that you do not have running water on the area the first day. Please avoid chlorinated swimming pools until the area is entirely healed.

In the case of getting permanent eye liner, will a new tube of mascara be needed?
Yes, due to the bacteria in the mascara tube a new tube will absolutely be needed.

How long will I have to go before I can put my makeup on normally?
Full face makeup can be applied the same day as the procedure except on the area that has been treated. In the case of eye liner, wait one week before applying mascara.

When going through the healing process of permanent makeup procedures, what kind of peeling, scabbing, or discomfort should I expect?
There are fewer traumas on the skin due to the digital machine that we use. A mild flaking is expected on the 3rd - 4th day after the procedure. You will experience flaking anywhere from 3 - 5 days after.

How long after permanent makeup procedures can I get plastic surgery?
Permanent makeup will not affect plastic surgery. Before scheduling you should consult with a plastic surgeon and make sure the area is fully healed. You should wait two months after your plastic surgery to receive any more permanent makeup.

How long after my permanent makeup service can I get facials, chemical peels, or waxing?
Please allow at least one week before any waxing or facials to ensure the area is entirely healed. We ask that you wait at least two weeks when getting a chemical peel. Also, be sure you are covering the area with Vaseline to ensure proper color during chemical peels.

What type of products should be used to help the healing process?
Aqua Four or Vaseline can be used to help the healing process. We do not recommend using anything other than those two topical creams.

How often do I need a color refresher?
Because the pigment is free of ink and is formulated specifically for facial art it will fade to a natural undertone, therefore a color refresher will only be needed every 3 - 5 years. A color refresher may be needed sooner or later depending on how well the color is preserved. Sun exposure and chemical peels are the two main sources of color fading. Please make sure to protect the area as they are exposed.

Procedure Pricing:

WHILE PRICE IS IMPORTANT for many who are looking for Permanent Makeup Services, don't let Price be your only motivating factor. The highest priced procedures in town are not always performed by the most qualified technicians, nor are lower priced procedures always done by the inexperienced ones! We modify or try to 'fix' permanent makeup that was performed based on the final costs of the procedure frequently enough to caution anyone looking to have this service performed. It is your face, and it is permanent. This practice is not only technically challenging but also requires a great deal of artistic training. Dina is a nationally known artist for not just her mural work but also for her miniature oil paintings that are on display in museums and private collections internationally. Dina also traveled internationally as a makeup artist for a production company and can therefore give sound advice as to what shapes, colors and styles will be most flattering for you.


Eyelash Perm and Tint

• No need for an eyelash curler, lashes stay curled for up to 3 months.
• Eliminates make-up problems such as allergic reactions to make-up.
• No smears, no smudges, no running, always perfect.
• Lashes appears longer and fuller when curled and tinted.

Permenat brows and eye liner before 01 Permenat brows and eye liner after 01
Before After

Below are pictures of a before and after lash perm and lash tint.
The model is wearing no eye makeup.

Permenat brows and eye liner before 01 Permenat brows and eye liner after 01
Before After

"I was referred to Lynda several years ago and have been a loyal customer ever since my first visit! First and foremost, Lynda is the consummate professional. Her passion to provide excellent results and customer service are what set her apart from the rest. I have always struggled with eyelashes that curved downward, I tried everything, with no luck until Lynda suggested I try her eyelash perm. The results are PHENOMENAL. My eyes look bigger and brighter after her eyelash perms. They last approximately 6-8 weeks too! No eyelash curlers needed. Just dab on a little mascara and you are ready to hit the town!
Thanks Lynda :-)"

Permenat brows and eye liner before 01 Permenat brows and eye liner after 01
Before After

"Lynda not only takes care of brows - she is the best LASH GENIUS ever!  Lynda has been caring for my lashes for many years and I would not go more than 3-5 months without a visit to my favorite expert! Lynda takes the time to get to know you, your needs, your eyes, and what works for you.  She will take care of you and I promise, one visit and you will not go another summer without a lash perm from Lynda!! Thank you for all you do! - Amy K."

Permenat brows and eye liner before 01 Permenat brows and eye liner after 01
Before After


Frequently asked questions about permanent makeup

Can I wear mascara or eye makeup prior to my appointment?
No. Remove the eye makeup with non-oily cleanser or eye makeup remover, ensuring lidslids and lashes are thoroughly cleansed and dry, otherwise rods will not adhere to the lids.

Can I wear my contact lenses in my appointment?
No, but you can put them on after the procedure.

Can I wear mascara after the perm?
Yes of course!  I do not recommend water-proof mascara and the use of mascara remover, they tend to weaken the perm.

What should I use for cleaning my face after the lash perm?
Use mild cleansers only.  The daily use of (some not all) AHA's products
tend to weaken the perm.
How long will the eyelash perm appointment take?
About 40-50 minutes, depending on how long and coarse the eyelashes are.

Can I get an eyelash tint after the eyelash perm in the same appointment?
Yes! Immediately after! So make a plan to stay around 30-45 minutes for this appointment.

How long will the curl last?
The eyelash perm last will last from 2-4 months.

How often can I repeat the eyelash perming?
The eyelash curls will begin to drop gradually (one by one) after about two months. The entire lashes will take about another 2 months to return to their natural look. You can repeat the  procedure after 2-3 months and not have to wait until the entire lashes return to their natural look.

Can I use my eyelash curler?
No! You don't need to. Eyelash curler breaks off the lashes, so I don't recommend it.

Will I lose any of my lashes because of the perm?
No. However, it is perfectly normal to lose one or two eyelashes daily. It happens to all of us!  New eyelashes will grow in place of old ones. Actually, using the eyelash curler daily will cause the eyelashes to fall.

Does the eyelash perm hurt?

How will my lashes look after the perm?
Lashes appear longer and fuller.

Will I have skin irritation or reaction?
Very few people had some skin reactions, puffiness reaction or burning on their eyelids the next day. Cold compresses for few minutes will do the trick!  

Can I wash my face after I get eyelash perm?
Yes!  Unless I inform you otherwise.


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