Got A Lot Of Acne On Your Face? 2 Tips To Get Your Skin Clear

Got A Lot Of Acne On Your Face? 2 Tips To Get Your Skin Clear

17 January 2020
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If you have a lot of acne, this can affect your self-esteem. This is especially true if the acne will not clear up no matter what you do. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help you with this problem, two of which are listed below.

See a Dermatologist

Because your acne is not going away, you should see a dermatologist. This professional can determine the type of acne that you have. You could have only pimples, which are known in the medical world as pustules. You may also have papules, which is what standard acne generally turns into if not treated. Once this happens, you will have more widespread acne with the areas becoming redder and more painful.

For the beginning stages of acne, the dermatologist will prescribe an acne cream to put on your face at least once per day. This cream is mean to dry up pores, which will also cause your acne to dry up and go away. If you have papules, you will also be prescribed an acne ointment.

If you have pustules, you will generally have pus coming out of a lot of your acne. This is caused by an infection you have in your pores. Your dermatologist may prescribe an antibiotic and then prescribe you an acne ointment. It may take more time to clear pustules from your skin.

The dermatologist can also perform light and laser therapy, which will help reduce the acne much quicker than using an acne ointment.

Prevent Acne from Coming Back

Once your face clears up, you need to take steps to prevent acne from coming back. First, you need to wash your face in the morning and then again before you go to bed with a gentle facial cleanser. Your dermatologist can suggest a cleaner for you. When washing your face, do not scrub it roughly but instead be very gentle.

If you have long hair, you need to keep it clean. This is because oily hair can also get oil on your face, which can lead to acne. Along with this, keep your sheets and pillowcases washed regularly. Oil and other debris that you cannot see build up on sheets and pillows, which will get on your skin.

Keep your stress levels down as much as you can as high stress can cause skin breakouts. Get massages, learn deep breathing techniques, or do yoga as three ways to help with stress.

Your dermatologist can give you much more information so that you will be free of acne.