Reasons To See Your Dermatologist

Reasons To See Your Dermatologist

4 June 2020
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If you ran to the dermatologist every time you suffered a pimple or had a new freckle appear, you might as well camp out in their parking lot. While you may not want to go into see your dermatologist for every little thing, like the ones mentioned here, you do want to make sure you see them when it is important or helpful to do so. Here are some examples of times when you should go in to see the dermatologist: 

You find something worrisome

People are told to watch for new growths that don't look right. This is due to the fact that a new growth can be cancerous. However, understand that the majority of new surprises that pop up on people's skin are harmless. Still, it is important to go in and have anything checked that you find to be concerning. You want to have things checked that have just shown up and have started expanding, things that are rough and scaly, things that start suddenly changing that used to always look the same, and moles that are changing shapes. 

You have scars that bother you

If you have some scarring on your face, you may want to get rid of the scars. This can be especially true if you are a person who is in a profession where it pays off to look your best, such as sales or some type of public relations. The good news is that a dermatologist may be able to help you with your scars. While very large and serious scarring may be more for a plastic surgeon, there are many times when a dermatologist can help when the scarring is minimal or when it is a certain type of scarring that can be handled in ways that don't require a surgical procedure to be done. 

You have problems with dry skin

If you have a little dry skin here and there, it can be nothing more than the weather or you may just need to increase the amount of water you drink. However, if your dry skin is serious or if it happens regularly, then it's likely you have something else going on that you want to have a dermatologist helping you out with, like eczema for example. The dermatologist will know what is causing it and can help you to treat it so you can once again have nice and moist skin.

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