Dry, Patchy Skin On Your Face? What You Need To Do

Dry, Patchy Skin On Your Face? What You Need To Do

30 July 2020
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Dry patches of skin on your face can be caused by a number of things. Age can cause these areas to appear, as can too much sun. These areas may fade and then others may appear elsewhere on your face, or they may go away during different times of the year. If you have dry skin patches on your face, but they aren't going away at all or they appear raised or discolored, see a dermatologist to be sure it isn't a precancerous spot. The area may need to be tested to be sure it isn't anything to worry about. If you have dry skin patches on your face, read on for what you can do to help get rid of them.

Wash Your Face With Face Wash

Use a gentle face wash on your face to clean makeup or other daily dirt from your face. Washing your face with soap can dry out your face and leave you with dry skin all over your face. Instead, wash your face with a gentle wash made specifically for your face. Wash your face daily with this face wash and nightly if you wear makeup. Wash your face gently and then pat it dry; don't rub it roughly to dry, as you could injure your skin and cause further dryness.

Wear Sunscreen

Be sure to wear sunscreen on your face daily that is at least SPF 50. Wearing sunscreen can help prevent dryness caused by the sun and can also prevent precancerous growths from appearing as well. Use sunscreen made for your face that is lightweight and oil-free to prevent breakouts.

Slough Off Dead Skin

You don't want to scrub your skin too much, but you should exfoliate at least once per week to slough off the dead skin cells. Use a cleanser with scrubbing exfoliators. Doing this too often can dry out your skin, so only do this once per week or less often if your skin is still dry.

Drink Water

If you aren't drinking enough water, it can cause your skin to dry out. Be sure you are drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water each day. The water can keep your skin hydrated and prevent these patches and other dry skin issues as well.

If you have dry patches of skin on your face, use the tips above to help you get rid of them. Make an appointment with a dermatologist for help clearing up your dry skin.